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I'm Enora, the artist behind Eno2000.

Here is basically drawings of my daily life, and also commissions that I do sometimes.

Otherwise, I like the smell of a fig tree in the sun, I know how to deliver a baby, I love to draw and most of the time, kids and dogs appreciate me.

If you want more daily life, here's my instagram.

Upcoming exhibition

27.02.23 > 12.03.23 - Shemesh

Exploration de Tel Aviv par Eno2000

Scandle, Paris 9e

Latest Exhibitions

2021 - Paris Deli 

A pop-up delicatessen of French artists

Tel Aviv

2022 - Agora

Group exhibition

Tel Aviv

2022 - Write Haus

Magazine release and group exhibition

Tel Aviv

2021-2022 - Simonchu cakes 

A vegan bakery in Jaffa

Tel Aviv

2022 - Nabi Yuna

Coffee place and coworking space

Tel Aviv

Featured on

2022 - Write Haus

Issue 01

Literary and visual art magazine

Get in touch

Something you want to tell me?

I would be happy to read you.

An idea in mind that you would like me to draw?

I'm available for commission, let's discuss about it.

Thanks for submitting!

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